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“The growth and change in my life since the retreat has been incredible.”

In fact, after 1 year I’m still integrating what I learnt about myself and constantly reminded of the valuable lessons we learned both individually and collectively as a group of men.

I feel compelled to share that since the Retreat in September 2016, both my partner and I have freed ourselves from the constraints of drugs and alcohol for good. It feels so liberating to not be tangled in those low vibrational attachments.

I am also nearing publication of a full book of all my original poems and I look forward to getting these out to the rest of the world. Additionally, we are building a beautiful house on the lake, we have an abundance of food grown by ourselves, and we are getting married soon.

Thank you for being present in my life and holding me accountable. I send you infinite love and gratitude from the bottom of my heart.


testimonials about craig white

“Craig has been without question the most influential person on my personal life and professional career.”

I was lacking in self confidence, without a sense of direction and purpose. Through a series of coachng journeys with Craig I am now much more self confident, in control of my life, and I have simple, clear and achievable strategies that will allow me to become the best version of myself possible . I strongly recommend a coaching journey with Craig and I look forward to more coaching sessions with him in the future and for sure I will attend one of his retreats.

Richard Tucker

Strength and Conditioning Coach

“Craig’s holistic knowledge across all areas is like no other I have met in performance circles.”

He has great awareness in the areas of physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual domains and integrates these areas together exceptionally well.  His understanding and simplicity in sharing this knowledge is sometimes hard to believe.

I have had the privilege of being coached and mentored by Craig over a number of recent years. I would like to emphasise my appreciation for the time he has and continues to invest in me as the knowledge I gain during our engagements in invaluable.

As an individual Craig is warm and inviting and from every experience I’ve had with him, he longs to share his knowledge and help others grow. Craig is one person you do not want to miss the opportunity to meet and learn from.

Chris Brown

Head of Physical Performance, USA Rugby

testimonials about craig white
testimonials about craig white

“Craig is without doubt one of the best High Performance Coaches around.”

He is well respected and has been at the top of his game now for a long time. His holistic approach to improving performance is unique and I am quite sure that he will ontinue to be very succesful working as a High Performance Coach in any area of life: sports, business, health, wellness, and beyond. If you are looking for a mentor, a role model, and someone to take your level of performance to new heights, then Craig is your man.

Sir. Clive Woodward, MBE

Former Rugby World Cup Winning Coach and Director of British Olympic Association. Owner of clivewoodward.com

“In my opinion, there are few High Performance Coaches around who have Craig’s unique combination of technical excellence, innovative thinking, brilliant personal skills and exceptional energy.”

Craig’s record in working with elite teams stands comparison with anyone in elite sport. He has an infectious enthusiasm for being the best and getting the best from the people he works with. He commands respect through his own standards and the knowledge he possesses, and also through perhaps his greatest strength – not being afraid to be his own man. If I was looking for a High Performance Coach to help me through my limiting beliefs  and to shift my performance to a whole new level then Craig would be the first person I would contact.

Dave Reddin, MBE

Head of Team Strategy and Performance at the UK Football Association and Former Rugby World Cup Winning Coach.

testimonials about craig white
testimonials about craig white

“Craig is without doubt one of the best High Performance Coaches that I have worked with in my career.”

I worked with him on two British and Irish Lions Tours and found his coaching and care for the players was carried out with an attention to detail that I had not seen before. I found it great to work under Craig’s guidance safe in the knowledge that everything I was doing was cutting edge, be it in the gym, on the pitch, regarding my recovery, health, wellbeing, and life in general. His record with rugby teams speaks for itself and it is admirable to see his commitment to coaching men, not only in sport but also in other areas. A true professional.

Paul O’Connell

Former Munster, Irish, and British Lions Rugby Captain

“Craig is the most complete Coach I know. He is a true role model for others and wears his heart on his sleeve.”

His knowledge of mind-body-soul is at times bewildering but more importantly most of his knowledge and know how comes straight from direct personal experience. This guy ‘walks his talk’.

Mick Stott

Founder of Spectrum Affiliates Limited

testimonials about craig white
testimonials about craig white

“I can honestly say Craig White is the most professional coach that I have ever worked with, his drive and enthusiasm for getting the best out of the people is genuinely infectious. “

From the day I met Craig my professionalism, knowledge, and attitude to life has improved beyond recognition.

Phil Richards

Phil Richards Performance

“In my opinion there are few coaches in the world who have influenced more athletes, coaches, and other practitioners than Craig White.”

His contagious enthusiasm for his work is evident in both his lifestyle and professional work and makes him a pleasure to be around. I have been fortunate to work with Craig on several different projects and have felt privileged to have been able to learn from someone that I fully respect.

Dan Baugh

High Performance Coach
London Wasps Rugby Team

testimonials about craig white
testimonials about craig white

“The ‘Men Without Masks’ Retreat I did with Craig was life changing to say the least. Immediately at the start of the retreat I felt completely safe and inspired by Craig and the circle of men in the room.”

During the retreat I felt complete trust in Craig and the other men. This feeling of trust meant that i could relax completely, learn from Craig and the other men, and more importantly share my own story and be fully heard. I learnt so much about myself, other men, and what it means for me to be a man today in the world.

Martin Bone

Yoga Teacher and Yoga Studio Owner

“Craig brings this wisdom and an inspiring authenticity. I would do this retreat several times over.”

This retreat blew my mind, and opened me to a much deeper vision of what words like ‘man’ and ‘masculinity’ can mean if understood in the proper light of the wisdom of experience. 

Kyle Brooks

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

testimonials about craig white
testimonials about craig white

“The men’s workshop that I attended with Craig was a testimony to his integrity and wide ranging experience coaching men. He held the space with a great deal of care and sensitivity and I feel that he judged the group’s limit well and pushed us just the right amount.”

I enjoyed the group exercises and yogic practices and I had a great many insights into my emotional limitations, as well as strengths as a man on the path to wholeness.

Clearly in our uninitiated, male dominated western societies more work like this is needed and I would encourage anyone to be brave and attend one of Craig’s workshops.

Devamurti Richie

Meditation Teacher

“Craig’s men’s retreat inspired me to embody more fully the man I want to be. It was authentic, profound, challenging, magical, and heart opening.”

The work I did with Craig created positive and powerful momentum for my entire year and was one the best investments I have ever made in myself.

Brandon Smith

Executive Coach