MIDLIFE CRISIS – Letting Go of an Old Identity

Recently, I let go of an old identity and it feels incredible.

The start of what felt like a midlife crisis in me happened about 8 years ago and it was a time when my view of the world and who I thought I was, my values, and beliefs just wasn’t true anymore. It was a scary place.

The last 8 years internally have been a struggle until NOW.

Now I see clearly why.

Because for the last 8 years I’ve held on tightly to an old identity, an old role, and been driven by money, even though I believed I wasn’t.

Thankfully, the old identity has now gone and I’m living my life from a place of passion. I’ve never felt better after this recent leap of faith and a huge transformation is taking place inside of me.

I’m not saying its easy to take a leap of faith whenever you feel in crisis.

I know that many of you feel like you have too many responsibilities in life to take a leap of faith.

I simply wish that this video will inspire you to reframe the word ‘crisis’ and see it as a way to transform yourself and accept the NATURAL change that life is trying to create in you.

God bless

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