THE LOVER – A Poem about the Male Lover Archetype

I am the Lover

Hmmmm, the joy of life

My senses alive, open

Life is a dance

An ecstatic dance

A beautiful waltz

To me, no boundaries

For the Universe is forever

All things connected

No you, no me

Ahhhh, the sound of the ocean

The touch of your hair

The taste of your nectar

The smell of the lilly

The view from the mountain

I have no words

This heart is my compass

My feelings are my anchor

But wait I’m slipping

Please help me, I’m falling

As I often do

Drunk from compassion

I’m addicted to you

Attachment and greed

Oh, I know these well

Then impotence came

And I fall into the well

Come to me now

I really need you

No more can I live

Simply admiring the view

My warrior is needed

For he gives me strength

And I give him joy

I teach him to play

My magician shares secrets

So I can witness the world

For I give him glue

So he stays close to me and you

My king, oh my king

Brings me order and purpose

And I give him beauty

So he rules with love

The feminine is my lover

We move in celebration

Because I am gentle

She lets me inside

Open your chest

Let me come inside you

Let me fill you with warmth

Trust in me

I will take you home

For I am the Lover

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